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Happiness, is like a BREATH, of--FRESH--AIR
So refreshing, so fulfilling, so, thrilling, beyond, any in--COMPARE

A -BREATH-of-FRESH--AIR--makes---one--feel--so--alive--and--COMPLETE
Finding, a soul-mate, in your life, living, and love--will--make--you--feel--blessed--special--and--ELITE

Like a fresh breath, of --AIR
Having, the special, love, of another, is greater than, any other in--COMPARE

Like --a --fresh --breath-- of --air,-- two --loving, --people,-- feel --as --one,-- so --FULFILLED--THRILLED--and--COMPLETE
Like --a --breath --Of --fresh --air, --true --love, --feels --so --lovely, --so --wonderfully, --beautiful--,special--neat---and--ELITE

Happiness -is -the -air -that -we--BREATHE
Once --a --HEART,-- is --lovingly--, touched,-- that --beautiful, --loving --feeling--, for --a --life --time, --can --never--LEAVE

To -have -ever -been -BLESSED-to-be--LOVED, --by -another, -so --honest--sincere---special, -and -so--TRUE
Is a feeling, so, beautiful, and , as a fresh breath of--HAPPINESS--and--AIR--beautifully, refreshing, and wonderful--TOO

By john d Jungers
23rd of FEBRUARY 2017

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