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The -frozen- QUIET,- winter --MINNESOTA--forrest, --silent --and---STILL
Everything-- is --hypernating--, without--any--life--, movement, --or---THRILL

Enduring, --SURVIVING--the--SEVERE--harsh--hard--winter --STORM--, after ---STORM
Waiting,--holding--their--breath--surviving, --and --HOPING--that --the --APRIL, --showers --will--- BRING-- life, --living,-- and --love, --TO --the --winter-- forrest, --SOONER-- than --the--NORM

The --birch --bark --trees,--BEAUTIFULLY--gleem, glisten --and--elegantly--GLOW--with--BEAUTIFUL--BRILLIANT--SHINE---triumphantly--and--bravely--boldly----in --the --COLD---glistening--white ---MINNESOTA--winter---blanket---of----SNOW
Frozen-- solid, --in --the --bitter --sub--zero --temperatures --of --a --bitter--cold --cold---cold--Minnesota --Harsh--severe--winter--THEY--as,--EVERYTHING-- are--stifled --to---blossom--, bloom, --and----GROW

Awaiting --the --PROMISE---of----warmth--sunshine--life--living--and--love--with--beautiful--bountiful--SPRING
When the rains come, and all the forrest comes alive, with life, living, and LOVE, as everything, and--every living creature,-- thrives, grows, blossums, and blooms, and JOYOUSLY, majestically--heavenly, lovingly--comes to life--and--BEAUTIFULLY--ELOGANTLY--Wonderfully--SINGS

The birch bark trees in the, forrest, rest, hibernate, and patiently,quietly,--wait for the april showers,-- to-wash- away -the -snow, -and-ice-and --spring --to -come,- with- WARMTH--, life, --and --SUNSHINE--, and --to --grow,-- blossum, ----and --bloom, --every --living --thing-- and--being--, so--wonderfully--at---WILL

By john d Jungers
23rd of February 2017

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The FROZEN quiet, FOREST, silent, and STILL