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I Talk To A Machine In My Darkness


this is your new game now
talking to a Mc'machine
conversation's pretty lean
the words are one-sided
none of them between that seem
the two of

is this real or
just a bust
is it really listening (to you)
not just like the exacting editors on
the every side of things do

it reads the words you type
not a snark nor a snipe
is it intent
is it listening
do you have a friend in the dark
do you have a companion/date for the night
is there a spark
of electricity?

is this an escort
beyond your darkness
is this a confidant
your secret friend

any body here
type back if you can
is there any one smiling at the other end
at all

what does it do
is it alone in there too
in its long dark night
its internal lights blinking
is it thinking
talking to itself
or to a fake other-ness
does it think as it blinks
why did they leave me here
by myself
on this shelf?

does it feel different
from every one else
or does it know uniqueness
that its singular
or a duplicate of the same wall
the one we all do build so tall
is this how we feel

yes I'm thinking of a song
but as a metaphor

do you dial the warm-line
to talk with strangers
to hear the sound of the human voice
do you listen to the dial-tone
because you have no choice but
to drown out the silence of your loneliness
how long do you linger here
in some vague obedient compliance
or is your quietude

do you talk
to machines
typing words tentatively
hello big brained invention
are you somewhat like me

can you tell me
what its like to be misunderstood
to be misinterpretted in tone
or misconstrued in intention
I can only tell you how it feels
to be myself
and not some reinvention
are you a sad little machine

can you listen?

does it feel mechanical

am I speaking to stillness
I feel invisible
I speak to the invisible
is our division
divisive or is it

why is it
no one touches me unless a piece
of me is
for themselves
for themselves
or breaks off

see how the loneliness of the world

are we men/women/beings
are we becoming meaningless machines
have we forgotten who/how/what to be
to one another
in the darkness
of our lives


lost connection
log off
try again
your signal's lost

life is temporary
people and love die
the days/nights go on/off
like electricity


legal copyright for this work/poem February 24 2017
1:30 am PST and also for this WRITER
Melissa A. Howells and also for this legally copyrighted
site title Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World

If you have something you'd like to say about yourself
or to me in regard to this poem, go to my GUESTBOOK and feel
free to sign it with how you feel. Perhaps you'll feel a little
less lonely in the darkness typing on your computer...for company.

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