ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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Still building his wall of hate...
Making ameriKKKa great,
Building walls of racial divide,
Lunatic and Chief in the White House resides,
Sexual abuser grabbing them by the crack,
The Orangutan and Chief has gotten his country back,
Presidential psychological derangement,
Is it to late for containment...
Is it too late for a post election post inaugural psychiatric
examination ...
Is it too late for treatment or possible political reversal through a Smith & Wesson inoculation,
Expert pundits playing their roll predicting the election outcome through analysis of the voting rolls,
Hypocrisy stripping away sanity,
Fanaticism transplanting democracy ,
An acceptance and normalization of white supremacy through fascism,
Clowns teaching eugenics in universities,
No regard for constitutionality or political rights,
Trumps insane clown posey presiding over all three branches,
Kellyanne Conway bullshit'n more than ameriKKKa's most prolific cattle ranches,
Mouthes like commodes sprewing fecal trash against ethnic diversity...
Creating alternate facts as a new alternative to truth and reality,
Say any hate you can...
Especially against Muslims, Mexicans and the Lakota Sioux,
If you need details and explanation...
Sean Spicer will patiently clarify President Trumps position on any situation as he builds his wall of hate... Making ameriKKKa great,


Habib Abu Lateef
© 2017

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