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I know, that i just cant make any a--CALL
And that i have got to PRAY, keep FAITH, and HOPE, and thats--ALL

What does it take for a person, to hit--BOTTUM
Its like playing with FIRE, waiting to get BURNED, until, a peron, learns their lesson, of fire, and they are--DONE

Its like driving acar at maximum high SPEED
That a severe crash is going to happen, IN, due time, sooner or latter--INDEED

When one plays with fire they will one day get--BURNED
When one burns bridges with people, they are homeless on the streets alone, with no respect from family or friends known, or EARNED

I know right now, that i just cant even make any a--CALL
And just have to let go, and let GOD, take the wheel, and be the almighty director--is--ALL

I feel i need to call, him, and here his voice, and know that he is OKAY
For another hour, night and--DAY

Do people out on their own, even know, understand, or care
That the burden of stress they put on others is so unfair

I know the story is different for everyone
But i know some have loved ones who sit, wait, pray and worry, as i do here--NOW--and--that --some --too --have -- no--ONE--not--ANY--and--NONE

But now i am fighting to just make a call, --anyway, --and --HOPE-- that --he--is--doing--OKAY

Its like playing with --FIRE--, or driving a car--CRAZILY-- speeding --and --FAST How long before you get--BURNED--, or --CRASHED--, how-- long --can --a --person --go --on, --SURVIVE--and --LAST />
Maybe it was better when he was out of sight and out of mind
Then it seemed more peace serenity and rest i did find

But now as he is lost, and him i have again --FOUND My. HEART as his father, BLEEDS. , and i feel, so TROUBLED. , SAD HURTING. , and-- DOWN
Having fairh, keeping hope, and to --PRAY
Thy will not mine, be done, i am trying to let go and to let GOD, have his --WAY

By john d jungers
28 th of February 2017

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I know that i cant make a CALL