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“The Starlet”
She walked through the crowded,
West Hollywood bar,
As if she owned it.
The patrons here,
Where use to celebrities,
Powerful and interesting people,
But she was different.
Heads turned,
And people moved out of her way,
As both the men and women,
Were infatuated with her,
As she crossed the bar room floor,
Towards a small table in the back.
She had it all,
And a sex appeal,
That just dripped off her,
As if it was sprayed on with a hose.
She didn’t mind the attention,
Though at times,
It could be crushing.
Mostly people just wanted to get a look,
At the real girl,
Behind the sexy starlet of film.
Tonight a little fan gawking,
Was a fair trade,
To escape her oversized suite,
At the Standard Hotel.
She surveyed the faces of the people,
Looking over at her.
There are always some,
Who just can’t stop themselves,
From outright staring at her,
Completely captivated by her presents among them.
Others who tried to be polite,
And only took quick glances,
When she wasn’t looking their way.
To the diehard regulars,
Who refused to acknowledge her,
And that special glow,
She had all around her.
It was the latter ones,
She enjoyed toying with.
They were easy to pick out,
Trying so hard to look,
Uninterested in her,
Even turning their chairs a bit,
So more of their back faced her.
But they were easily cracked,
With just a few personal words,
Or the simple touch of her hand,
Gently a pond their shoulder.
After anyone of these,
Small gestures on her part,
They would not only be,
Fawning all over her,
But boasting of her skill,
As a ground breaking,
Avant-garde actress.
She looks over at a young man,
Who has been staring at her,
Ever since she sat down.
She’s seen that look before,
He was hopelessly in love with her.
She was always fascinated,
By how such a strong emotion,
Could sweep over a young man,
So quickly and unforced.
Anytime she would start to look,
In his direction,
He would quickly look away,
Unable to handle,
The mere gaze of her eyes.
But she saw a boyish charm in him,
That reminded her of high school,
And simpler times.
So she a made a point of catching him,
In mid-glance with a smile.
A pale red blush,
Swept over his face,
As he struggled,
To break eye contact with her,
The whole situation being,
More than his young heart could handle.
A young lady came rushing in,
Dressed like she had just escaped,
From a 80’s music video,
And grabbed the young actress by the arm,
Dragging her out of the bar.
She went along with her,
As if she knew she had to.
She only had time for a quick pause,
By the love struck young man’s table.
“You have the most beautiful green eyes”,
“What’s your name”?
Was all she said,
Before the bar door opened,
In front of her,
And a car door closed,
Behind her.
It wasn’t in till a few years later,
She was doing a film scene,
Where her lover dies in her arms,
Even after a few takes,
She couldn’t seem to,
Draw on any emotion,
The whole shot just seemed flat.
Then for some reason,
She thought back to that bar,
The young man,
His boyish features,
And those deep green eyes.
And on the next take,
She seemed to swell,
With feelings and emotion,
Cursing hell,
For taking her lover’s life,
While begging the heavens,
To return it.
She had such passion,
And raw energy,
That she was shaking uncontrollably,
By the time the director yelled cut.
And to this day,
Whenever that actress’s name is mentioned,
Someone will always bring up,
That scene she did in the rain,
Holding her lover in her arms,
With all that anguish,
And pain on her face,
And that tortured look,
Of love and loss in her eyes.
Nobody but her knew,
It was all because,
Of the deep green eyes,
Of a boy,
That never gave his name…
     Tom Allen…02-28-2017…