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What a person will DO
A welder will weld,-- a-carpenter will build,-- a truck driver will drive,-- a teacher will teach,-- a police officer will police,-- a preacher will preach, --a politician, will politic ,--a painter will paint, --a nurse will care,--- a MARINE will be MOTIVATED,--- and a writer will WRITE--in--the --middle --of-- the --dark --night,-- or-- at --high --noon,-- with --skies --of --BLUE

A -writer -will -write -a- story,- or --POEM
And --PROUDLY,-- it --they --will --OWN

In -a -POEM
The --writers --good,-- bad,-- and --ugly --feelings, --sometimes-- happy--, sometimes --sad,-- are --revealed,-- and --shown, --and --become--KNOWN

A ---writer--- will ---just ---WRITE
In --the --middle --of-- the-- day, --or --in --the --middle --of --the --NIGHT

I -know,- that -some- of -my -best -WRITES
Never --got --written,-- or-- saw --the --LIGHT

Sometimes,--- a ---poem,-- comes---suddenly--- to ---my ---heart ---and ---MIND
Then --i--lose-- it, --cause --i --don't-- have --a --pen --to-- recite --what--is-- on --my --mind --with --rhyme --in--TIME

Then- if -you -don't- immediately- write -it,-- it --will --be --lost --in --SPACE
Not ---recorded ---or--- remembered,--- and ---for ---a--- writer ---its--- just ---a--- WASTE

When ---a ---writer--- makes ---a ---POEM
No -matter -how -simple -or -complicated,- long--or--short-- it -is --proudly --OWNED

A-writer- will-write-, to -great -happiness -and --DELIGHT
A --writer --will--write,-- when --they --have --hurt--and--troubles --turmoil --and --strife, --and --just --don't-- feel --RIGHT

A ---writer ---writes ---EXACTLY
what ---and ---how ---they ---feel---happy--or--sad--trapped--or--FREE
One- hundred -percent- authentic- and -REAL

By john d jungers
05--march. 2017

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What a person will DO