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                “American Pie”
Hello!  Out of the dark they come.
One after another, to no one’s delight.
Over the walls and through the fences,
singing,  “America Pie”!
Like statues, cold in the dead of night.
Crying, living or dying, it won’t help now.
The sky is dark, the day is gone.
Honor and pride have fallen to dust in
the wind.  Indifference rules the day.
Oh! where did reason and sunshine go?
Who opened the gates and let the hoards in?
We will never really know.
The days of sunshine,  pride and honor are few
and far between!
God, please save us, for here comes the
unholy and unwanted invaders!
They will dance in the streets, devour  the free honey
and laugh at the rule of law and wave foreign flags
, for they have no respect for the Red, White and Blue,
as they are invaders, one and all!
Beware, beware for they are here to stay, thousands more come each day,
unwanted, undocumented and uneducated, singing, “Americas Pie”!
I’ve been called a biget and politically incorrect, that’s all right you see,
for I am a true American, who fought to keep the Red, White and Blue free,
forever to be!        
Singing, “American Pie-the day the music died”!         
Jackie R. Kays
© 2017

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