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When you feel great STRESS-- INSIDE It hurts and destroys your --well--being--and--PRIDE
When you feel stress --INSIDE Your movement, feels restricted without --easy--GLIDE
When you feel stress --INSIDE Just alone and by yourself, you want to--be--silent--and--PRAY--and--to--GOD--only--Trust--and--COBFIDE
Stress can make you feel--worried--lost--sick--restless--and--WEAK Stress can cause--devastation--doom--and--DEFEAT
Stress holds you--captive--a--prisoner--and--BACK From moving confidently forward, a matter of--FACT
Stress makes one feel--much--more--less--than--their--very--BEST Dealing-with stress for us all is a major challenge, feat and --exhausting--worrisone--TEST

By john d Jungers
06--march --2017

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When you feel STRESS inside