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Only a PARENT can Really KNOW
How your own, children, can make you feel, so GREATLY--HIGH, or DEVASTATINGLY--LOW

The deep feelings that are on--HAND

A PARENT, can not brearhe, rest, or RELAX
When one of their own, is drifting, astray, and way off-the--mark--and--TRACK

Of course, with, FAITH, and HOPE
One will PRAY, to strive to be calm, cool, and collective and better--COPE

But a PARENT, may not always know every exact--FACT
But a PARENT, will lie, , wide awake in the middle of the night, knowing, one, of HIS, -own, is adrift, astray, and way off--The right--TRACK

A --PARENT, --will --continue --to --FIGHT
And do their best, to hold onto hope, faith and pRAY, and look for that positive pin-point--of light

By john d jungers

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Only a PARENT can KNOW