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A person, can only --change
When they humble themself and positively--their--bad, habits --rearrange

As the saying --goes
You-can lead, a horse to water, but the horse will only drink when he is --good--and--ready, --and --only --the --horse-- knows

You--- cant ---push--- a ---person---, to ---change
For--- they ---themselves ---have ---to ---admit ---that ---they ---have--- a ---problem, ---and ---want ---to ----positively----rearrange

As -they -say, -and -this -we -very--well--know
A ---person,--- usually ---does ---not ---change, ---and ---themself--- rearrange---, until---they ---hit ---the ---very, ---bottom---, so ---very ---low

When -you -have -a -loved -one- adrift, -and -astray
Its -the -most, -troubling- thing -to -watch -them -day -after -day, -month- after -month-, and- years -after -years,- being,- adrift, -astray, -with,-defiance--and-- dismay

A ---person,--- will---change ---when ---they ---are ---good ---and ---ready
No --more --can --i --push --myself-- to --another,-- that-- does --not --want --to --POSITIVELY,-- listen, --to --their---DAD----ME

I,--- know, ---that,--- now,--- again, ---i, ---just ---have--- to ---let ----him---fall---and-----BE
And --can --only --HOPE --and --PRAY, --he --will,-- change, --rearrange, --and-- set --himself,-- humbly---FREE

For --he --pushes --everyone --away
He --has --been --doing --this --same-- old --same --thing --for --years--and--years-- as --he --did --again, --to --me--TODAY

As -i -told -him, -that- i -have -no -more -energy,- to -give-him-, when -he -respects--me--and--appreciates --me--not,--- anyway
So -as -i -told -him,- he -has -six -brothers- and -sisters -for -support-, and -he -has -to --chose--and---go -his -own- way

By john d JUNGERS

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A person, can ONLY change