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By letting go of the negatives, and positively--REARRANGE

When --all --is --said --, over,-- done, --and --THROUGH
Life- is -about, -being-, faithful, -hopeful-, prayerful, --POSITIVE,-- and--LOVING---TOO

In -every -aspect, -of -your-, life, -living-, and, -love--REARRANGE

Replace --every,--and-- all,-- NEGATIVITY
With,- beautiful-, bountiful-, faithful, -hopeful--POSiTIVITY

To --be --humble--, kind,--and--CARING
With --a --POSITIVE--LIGHT, --always --SHARING

Life,-- is --about-- making --an --about --face --with --POSITIVE--CHANGE
To,--- Be,--- humble,--- and ---kind,--- and ---all ---NEGATIVITY, ---in ---your--- LIFE, ---LIVING, ---and, ---LOVE--REARRANGE

By john d jungers

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Life --is --all --about --POSITIVE--CHANGE