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I know, when ever, im troubled and feeling--DOWN
Yes, i know, that their is another, with, GREATER--TROUBLES--wearing--a--DEEPER--FROWN

I know, that whatever, it is that we are alone, dealing with, at this very precise --MOMENT
Let your prayers, with faith, and, HOPE,sail. To the skies, and be-- heaven--SENT

What-- ever, --may --be --the --stress,-- troubles,-- turmoil, --and,-- strife-- of --the--DAY
Keep,-- faith, --hold-- onto --hope,--and ----POSITIVELY-- PRAY----to --better --cope, --especially --when --you --feel,-- and --know, --that --you --are --at --the-- very --end, --of --your --rope, --and --try --your-- very --very--best----ANYWAY

Sometimes --when --at --your --lowest,-- weakest, --and--WORST
It will be your--BLESSING--when--LOVINGLY--you--give--thanks--and--PRAISE, and refrain, from, upset, and--CURSE

To know, that in your, life, living, and, love, abundantly, and, greatly, you shall be--BLESSED
Is a challenge, to reach down inside of yourself, and help another who is down and just with your Loving, heart do your --very--BEST

Sometimes, all you can give, is a loving, and heartful, nod, and --SMILE
But even, the smallest bit of kindness, thoughtfulness, will travel with a person, for a life-time,--far-- and, many, many, a--MILE

The simple, kindness, to another, that freely you, lovingly, heartfully--GIVE
Just may, be the greatest gift to another, so deeply, doomed, depressed, and down, and give them a reason, to keep, fighting their fight, and rise up, and--POSITIVELY---LIVE

By john d jungers

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I know, whenever im troubled, and feeling down