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            “The Ring”
She knew he was lying to her,
They’ve been together much too long,
Not to see all the obvious signs.
She had given him many opportunities,
To let him see that she knew,
A sort of confrontation,
Without any direct questions.
Expecting no honest answers,
But he,
Couldn’t stop the affair,
And she saw that now.
She had just wanted,
To put it all behind her,
Pretend none of it,
Was really happening,
But he couldn’t let it go,
Wouldn’t just walk away.
What is it that she has?
That makes what we have,
Nothing more than,
A footnote in our lives?
She still loved him,
Wanted to love him,
Needed to love him.
She had tried so hard,
To believe his lies,
But he was getting careless,
Or maybe he just quit caring.
Did he think,
Because she was smiling,
And nodding her head,
That she believed,
Every word he was saying?
She felt forced,
Pushed into a stand,
She didn’t want to make.
She spent over an hour,
Writing what started out as a note,
But grew into 5-pages of,
And pleas.
Trying to explain,
How she got to this point,
Or how he pushed her to it.
She neatly folded the note,
And left it on a table,
Where he always leaves his keys.
The car already loaded up,
With the few things,
Still precious to her.
Her hand was turning the knob,
Of the front door,
When her mind just froze,
Flooded with second thoughts,
And looking for reassurement.
She walked back over to the table,
Picked up the note,
And just looked at it.
Still folded in half,
She slipped it into her pocket,
And slipped off her ring instead.
Sometimes less is more,
She thought,
As she dropped the ring,
On to the table.
It was still spinning,
On its side,
As she pulled her car,
Out of the driveway…
   Tom Allen…03-03-2017…