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Spending, time, today, with my --loving--grand-daughters,-- kaitlyn,-- jocelyn, --and,-- KAYLEE
Today,-- was --the--GREATEST--most--WONDERFUL--and--BEAUTIFUL--BLESSING,-- for----ME

Not, ---really, ---doing----anything----or ---nothing ---very --special--, at --ALL
Just, --talking,-- and --talking,--goofing--around-- and --laughing --and--laughing--with, --one --another, --talking --about,-- nothing,-- and --everything,-- and --looking --at-- the --WALL

Just --being --with --them-- all --in-- the -- same--- ROOM
Makes --me --want-- to-- sing,--dance-- and --hum, --a --happy --TUNE

Even,-- watching --and--listening--to--the --girls, --of --three,-- argue--, tease --each --other --fight --and --FUSS
Im ---so--- proud ---of ---them ---three, ---i--- love ---when--- they ---argue, ---fuss,--- and ---holler, --or --are --so--still--quiet, --somber, --shy---and----HUSH

Being -------around------- these------- girls -------of--------beautiful--------THREE
Is the ---GREATEST--BLESSING---in --my --life, --living,-- and --love,-- and --they--all--make--me--FEEL--so--LOVED--APPRECIATED--RESPECTED---special--and--HAPPY

I --told --jocelyn, --that --one --day,-- my --own, --children,-- will --see --me --with-- all --of--my --beautiful--loving--wonderful--grand-daughters--- of --FOUR
And---- they----- will----- see -----the --unbreakable--and--durable----closeness-----and----the----bond----of----LOVE---- that ----we ----all ----have, ----for -----SURE

So --i --know, --i --feel --so --greatly-- COMPLETE
How, --when-- I'm--with--and-- around --my ----grand-daughters,---- how,--- they --make --me --FEEL--, so --RESPECTED,--SPECIAL-- APPRECIATED---GREATER--than--GREAT- --and---ELITE

By john d jungers

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Spending TIME, with my GRAND-DAUGHTERS--of--THREE