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Im on the BUS, again, and--MOVIN
Rocking, and rolling, in the southern, Californis, traffic, and--Slowly--a--GROOVIN

So its only gonna be a short, little, hour and a half--bus--RIDE
So its gonna be smooth, sailin, and an easy--GLIDE

With my little grand-daughter--BELLA, soon i will--BE
And am really looking forward, to be with that little girl, and be--HAPPY

As a grandpa, i think that life its just too--SHORT
To let your mature and grown, older children get you stressed, out--of every--SORT

So i have my LIMIT
And these past few days i am in --IT

So im on the move, rockin, and rollin, and in the GROOVE, and am--TEMECULA--BOUND
Where with my little two and a half, year old grand daughter, soon , a smile on my heart and face, will be--BLESSEDLY--FOUND

By john d jungers
10th of March 2017

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Im on the BUS and MOVIN