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The southern California--SCENERY
Is at it most Beautiful, with all its lush, and plush, wild flowers, and, breath taking--GREENERY

The rains, cured the, massive, and devastating, years, and years, of terrible --DROUGHT
The beauty of southern California, is no--DOUBT

The-- hillsides---, are --lush--green--, and-- in --California--, in --March, --full----spring--, is --great-- in----beautiful----BLOOM
So --as --of --for --all --of --the --rainy--past--weeks-- and--days, --i --dont-- think-- any -more-- rains,-- will-- be --comin --any-- time-- a---SOON

CALIFORNIA--- is ---the ---PLACE--- to----BE
Where now, the beautuful, greenery, is such of an, awesome site to--SEE

By john d jungers
10th of March 2017

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The southern California scenery