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Spring, fever, in the Minnesota--LAND
Out-- to --the --park, --and --out --on--the --green,-- grass, --everyone, --couldn't,-- wait,-- to, --barefoot--STAND

Wishing, that all, of the snow, will melt, and go AWAY
And spring comes early, soon, any--DAY

Waiting, for the -SUNSHINE--AGAIN
Because the winters, are long, hard, and cold, my--FRIEND

No more, bitter, cold, snow, and--ICE
But---beautiful --, SPRING,--FRESH--and--NICE

When --i --was --a --kid, --in --SCHOOL
When the weather. Was warm, and bright, being cooped up in school, just wasnt right,-- so once in awhile, we got, SPRING--FEVOR, --and skipped-- classes, --to be out side in the warm spring--sunshine, --we --thought-- we-were--COOL

In Minnesota--LAND--the winters are so long -- HARD, --and---COLD
We loved it in the winter when, we got a snow day, and stayed at home-and, just played all day--fun, and--BOLD

But we never, realized, that in the spring, every snow day, we had an extra day of shool in the --warm--sunny--SPRING
I can remember sitting in class, with the sunshine, outside, watching every seconds pass until the school-bell, would --RING

Spring--fever--especially-- in --high --school-- as--a-----SENIOR--, we got it pretty bad, at, the end of the school --YEAR
Especially ---when ---The ---SPRING---WEATHER----was----HERE

By john d Jungers
10th of March 2017

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Spring --FEVER--in-- MINNESOTA--land