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It has been a DAY, filled with happiness, and--JOY
Playing with, this little toddler, grand-daughter of mine, and her every--TOY

So she just went-to, lay down, with her--MOMMY
And she just went to bed, and as she, walked away, she blew a KISS, at--ME

So --i --better, --get --my --REST
Because in the morning, she will awaken, with full steam ahead, with --NEW--energy, and--ZEST

I ---love, ---to ---hear ---her ---laugh, ---dance, ---prance ---and--WIGGLE
She --has-- such-- of --a --cute,-- and --a --silly,-- little---GIGGLE

She --will --start-- her --day, --in --the --morning--, excited-- and --HAPPY
And --she--will --eat --her --morning --breakfast,-- of --banana,-- and --oatmeal,-- then --she --will --say, --COME--ON--GRAND--PA, --PLAY--with--ME

Today, --has --been --a --beautiful --day,-- and --my --heart --feels--so --complete --and --full --of --LOVE--and---HAPPINESS
Now --the--day --is --done,-- and--this --tierd ----grand-pa,--- better --get --some --REST

By john d jungers
10 th of march 2017

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It has been a DAY filled with JOY