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Their-- is --no --DAYLIGHT,--out, --just,-- yet--, to, --even--SEE

Its- going -to -be -a -BEAUTIFUL, -WARM---day,-- here---in--CALIFORNIA---TODAY
And we will be out and about, and will enjoy this day, so, im waiting for little, BELLA--This --early --morn, --and --always,-- just-- CURIOUS--, just --what--SHE--may--SAY--as--HER----MEMORY--is--really--so--sharp--and--so--BRILLIANT--in--every--WAY

She -will -come -out -here- to -the -living -room-, where -i -stay -here--on -the--SOFA
And ---she ---will ---so ---tender, ---and ---LOVINGLY, --and ---AFFECTIONALLY---SMILE---and---say-----GRAND-----PA

She- knows, -we -all, -are -going -out- for--excitement--- adventure-- and---FUN
And -she -will -BE-in -a -HURRY-, to -finish- up -her-- BREAKFAST--get -dressed-up-comb-her-long-hair- and -up-and-ready --for-the -brand-new- day-ahead--, and -up -and -out -and -about,- and -on -the--BELLA--RUN

In --the --early --morn, --when,-- she--AWAKES
She gets up, very fast, on the move and in the groove, ready set go, just like an--EARTH--QUAKE
Shakin, rockin, and--ROLLIN--and--ready--to--have--fun--laugh---sing--dance--and--wiggle---and--SHAKE
This--- little ---girl, ---is ---as ---bright ---as ---the--- SUNSHINE--- on ---a ---brand-----new------MARCH-----CALIFORNIA-----BEAUTIFUL---sunny---day---and--to--get--out--in--the--golden--sun--she--just--cant--WAIT

By john d jungers
11th of March 2017

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Its still very DARK, and EARLY