ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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Inmates voting for rule of the asylum,
Number one candidate...
Master of self gratification,
Spiritual truncation,
Chief lunatic running down the nation,
Prevarication, self deception,
corruption, tweets and other constant
forms of mental masturation
interwoven with greed and bigotry...
Genetically coded into his DNA identity,
Patrilineal small and limp,
His gran-paw was a German draft dodger,
Hustler, bootlegger and pimp...
From way back in the day,
His pappy supported the KKK,
White supremacy the master plan,
He hated all non-whites
Not just the Blackman,
Oh snap, he's busted because
Matrimonially he's malajusted...
This is his truth... not a lie,
He has never been with a female he didn't buy,
He must pay women to be touched,
Grabbing then pulling them by the crotch ..
They accept the money but they hate him so much,
With his little hands and little member he takes a stab,
He hates pious women wearing hijab,
He prefers well used whores, nude models and queers,
Ego maniac, adulterer and lier,
Void of compassion for any other,
Not even for the widow and child of
Fred... his deceased brother,
To you this shouldn't sound strange,
DJ-Trump was born emotionally
maladaped and developmentally
Poking fun at the handicapped...
When he is clearly disabled
Matrimonially and mentally...
Divorce cuts deep horribly...
Affecting many lives,
DJ-Trump has been divorced by all his wives,
He is clearly a loser...
A loser at love and a huge loser in life
Lier supreme...
Women find life with him a 24/7
non-stop nightmarish dream,
He drew in minions of mental midgets
like a huckster at a side show,
Like a ringmaster full of blarney and
Leading them to a cluster F♤K like
the 7th Calvery was lead by Custer,
The insane proponents of white
privileged voted him into office,
Now, many regret this,
They realized they eff'ed this...
They can't believe that they brought this upon themselves and nation,
They eff'ed up...
An ameriKKKan type of auto erotic masturbation,
Mucked in the mire of a political, social
and judicial schism,
Bogged down in an immigration,
religious, ethnic and racial funky
They eff'ed themselves up...
An ameriKKKan type of auto eroticism,
They eff'ed themselves...
ameriKKKan Masturbation

Habib Abu Lateef

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