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 Clothed in the past

Hard on the heart are those hurtful moments

Clothed in the past. A nostalgic instant recall

Prompted by something as innocent as snowfall

Seen through a stained glass window that takes

You on a journey in time to a place long forgotten

That suddenly materialises giving rise to a tear.


Oh, the snow that night, the carol service and the

Girl in your arms. Where did she go and why now

Does she come to life to haunt you? Same church

Yes, but she's not here and yet everything else is

The same. So complete that you might be forgiven

For thinking that at any moment the great church

Door will open and everything will be as it once

Was all those years ago.


But no, that can never happen now. Look again at

The stained glass window. The snow has stopped

Now and with it all possibility of love's revival. She

Will not be coming to the service tonight and her

Memory like the snow will soon melt and all will be

Back to normal. Normal that is, until the next time

You are in church and the vicar chooses a hymn that

Happens to be one of her favourites, when once again

You will remember the stained glass window and the

Snow and wish to God you could turn the clock and

The snow back to happier times.

© Joseph G Dawson