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The --wildflowers,-- on --a --hillside,--in --full,-- beautiful---BLOOM
Are--as-- beautiful--, as --a --butterfly, --coming --out --of --its-- COCOON

On --the --interstate --freeway, --the --flowers --on --the --hillside --near --lake --Elsinore-- California--, bloom, --with --BEAUTY
Is --just-- an --awesome, --beautiful-- sight-- to --SEE

So-- many-- folks,-- pulled --off --of --the --freeway, --TODAY
To --appreciate --the --natural --beauty, --take --photos, --and,-- relax-- in --every---which--a--WAY

The ---concrete--- jungle---is---the---city---WAY
Buildings --after-- buildings --crowding --each --other, --more --and --more, --every-- year-- and --DAY

Today, --was --a --marvel, --of --NATURE
When -the -abundant -rains,- grew -these -wild -flowers-thousands, -and, -thousands, -in -the- rocks- and --hillside,- sands, -so -wild, -beautiful, -orange,--and --PURE

It really was a special, awesome, breath taking--site to --SEE
For my, daughter, and son in law, BELLA, and-- ME

By john d jungers
11th of march 2017

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The WILD--FLOWERS, on a hillside in full BLOOM