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For us all, just what is meant to--BE

The future is not ours to--know--or--SEE
We can, never know, what is ahead for--FREE

Things happen, good and --BAD
Things-- of --GOOD--and--happiness, --and--things, of--BAD--and--SAD
The--DESTINY-- of your--LIVING
Cannot --even-- be --revealed --to---a----queen----or----KING

For -us -all, -each -and -every--ONE
We --hold-- onto --FAITH--HOPE,-- and --we--PRAY, --and --as --we --know--, thy --will,-- not --ours --be--DONE

By --FAITH,-- SPIRITUALLY,-- FAITHFULLY,---HOPEFULLY, --PRAYERFULLY--, we --look --to --the --HEAVENLY-- skies,-- for --our --DESTINY--HAPPY --and --FREE,-- what-- is --ever --meant --to---BE

By john d jungers
12 th of march 2017

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Your destiny