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Its-- just --like --pulling --TEETH
Trying to get and encourage a two year old to take a NAP, its--a challenge, and great--FEAT

Reading-- a --book--, singing --a --nursery--RHYME
A ------toddler, -----is ----just -----buying------TIME

Even -to -mention-, to -them, -to -go--to--SLEEP--and--take --a --rest--and--little--NAP
They- feel,- shocked,- tricked, -upset- and--ZAPPED

So -on -this -baby -monitor- camera- that- i - have - in - the - palm - of - my-- --HAND
Im watching her move around back and forth, back and forth,--JUST--fighting to stay awake and play------which--is--a--toddlers, --mission--, quest, --goal--and--PLAN

A -toddler- they- just -do -not -want -to -close -their -eyes -even---for---a--minute---and ---miss --ANYTHING
For ---twenty--- four ---hours---Straight-,-- they --just----want--- to ---sing,--- dance,--- wiggle--- and ---giggle, ---and ---BE---the ---QUEEN---,or---KING

They --------learn,------- to --------LISTEN
But --you --know --a --child --what-- ever --you --tell --them --NOT----to.--- Do, -----they --still-- want --to ------DO----IT----MORE----THEN

A --toddler,-- can --never --leave --your --watchful----EYES,-- because --everything --is--challenging --and--an--ADVENTURE---to --them, --and --their --SAFETY--they --always ---dont----FULLY----UNDERSTAND
So-, im --watching-- this --little-- toddler,-- my --grand--daughter,--BELLA--, when --she --now --FINALLY-- after --almost --an --HOUR-- fell --fast--asleep, ----when --she --awakes, --walks --runs, --and ---up---and----STANDS

My- daughter- tells -me, --DAD,-- dont-- let --BELLA, --take --ADVANTAGE-- of ----YOU
You,- have -to -BE-very -STRICT -with----HER---TOO

I -just-told -my -son-in-law, -that- as -a --DAD,-- i --was --a--MARINE--and--very --strict --with --all--of--my --kids --of----SEVEN
And --now --as --a ---GRAND-PA---- its --hard --for--me --to --be --so --HARD--and--STRICT----as ----a ------GRAND-PA----THEN

So- when- im -in -charge -as --NOW----as----- i --AM
I watch her very close, as im on DUTY, and her--GRAND-PA--so--proudly--I--AM--and--i--will-watch--her---VERY--VERY---closely--when--she--is--sleeping--when--she--walks--plays--runs--and--WHEN--she--STANDS

Its--- just ---like ----pulling, ---TEETH
Trying---to --put --a --toddler-- to --BED--and --TAKE--a--NAP---its--a --real, --challenge--struggle-- and--most--difficult---FEAT

Gotta-- be,-- very --very--patient, --persistent--, and---Stay--the--course--dont--give--up--dont--give--in--and------PRESERVER
Until- they -will -before- long -finally- finally--stop, -wiggling--,and--wiggiling---giggiling-- and --giggling-----goofing---and---playing---around--singing--and--playing-----, and --another----PEEP--or--sound--- out --of --them --you --dont----HEAR

By john d jungers
13th of march 2017

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Its just like PULLING--TEETH