lost and then found

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I used to write a lot of poems.
And sometimes short stories.
My heart was filled with wonder.
My sorrow faded by Jesus glory.
My love filled up even if its friendship.
Sudden discoveries of the heart touch angels wings and I'm free.
Deliver us from all evil.
Your the truth the life and the feeling.
The answers to prayers and the tabernacles show red sunsets glare.
As I set and stare things faded by the dawn as iniquity shed away for the Glory of God.
Wings of angels feathers trap the star lights glance and freedom has chosen victory.
Sometimes you have to lose to win.
And freedom has spoken from when the Profits laid down wisdom.
Conquering hero's from the past.
Will sacrifice there life for the honor of them selves and others.
Delivering signs and signals of hope.
For the dispensation has fed the heart away and trusting in God showed no haste.
Tasseled in between freedom and sacrifice as we die for the evil will Kill.
Freedoms sledge hammer pounding into struggles faded memory.
Could redemption feed the righteous heart to sing Jesus praise.
And simple things become complicated has even the heart stayed away for the honor of Families plan.
The constitution of the united states says we have the right ti the pursuit of happiness.
The struggle lingers on.
Some fade from the fact that God wants us to love.
I dream of the heart that will truley love me for who i am.
And the struggle begins.
No heart in the courts of heaven understands i need love honor and trust to proceed to heavens open door.
But the Prophets signal another eternal round towards heavens struggle time has not healed all wounds and the fester from unclean thought.

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Prophets Struggle