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Im ---UP-----and ----READY
But --am --still,-- feelin-- a --little --SLUGGISH-- SLOW--and ---UNSTEADY

I --KNOW--the --CHALLENGES-- in --FRONT--of---ME
I --KNoW--how --much --LOYALTY--DISCIPLINE--and--DRIVE-- that----it---takes--to --ACCOMPLISH-- a --GOAL---SUCCEED-----and-----to---make---it---REALITY

For --i --KNOW--, and --i --UNDERSTAND--the --COMMITMENT--SACRIFICE-- and ---RESOLVE
That --it --TAKES-- to --ACCOMPLISH--ANY --MISSION---QUEST--, and --GOAL--, that-- for --YOURSELF-- YOU--SET--to ---WIN--IT---and----SOLVE

So --this--early--morn---am --a --little --UNSTEADY---, SLUGGISH--, TIERD----and---SLOW
As --i --really--didn't-- get - enough-- REST--and--SLEEP--last --NIGHT-- as --i --NEEDED---YA---KNOW

ANY--and--ALL--CHALLENGES-- of --SMALL-- and --GREAT--, and --to --HUMBLY--FAITHFULLY--PRAY--, to --thy ---LORD, ---and ---HIS, ---WILL-- not ---MINE---, be-----HEAVENLY--DONE

By john d jungers
14th of march 2017

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Im up and ready