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The -true,- value -of -an -old--FRIEND
Is so, nourishing, so refreshing, and such of a true,-- BLESSiNG, --as with them you can be so real, yourself, with no--PRETEND

A good, old FRIEND, to our heart, totally, and completely, to them, you can freely, and safely--LEND
With -a -good, -old,- friend,-you -can -be -so -REAL--, with ---no --PRETEND

A ---good ---old--FRIEND
Always and forever, through thick and thin, the good the bad, the ugly, they always will stick with you, and stand by you--THEN

It --is --one --of --your --life,-- living, --and --love's--greatest,-- BLESSINGS
The --happiness --of --having --a --caring, --loving, ---good --old --friend,-- and --the --beautiful --fulfilling-- feelings --it --BRINGS

Simply a good old friend for you they deeply are concerned about you and they simply --CARE
This is a great feeling, beyond any in --COMPARE

By john d jungers
15th of march 2017

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The--TRUE --VALUE--of--an--OLD--FRIEND