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Little bella, playing on her--I-PAD
But only when she is at her very best, and behaving, not when,-- she is not listening, --or--is naughty or--BAD

The -way -that -at -two, -she -navigates- through -her i-pad, -is --AMAZING
All of the nursery rhymes and sesame--streets educational games, she will follow --along, --dance,-- hum, --play, --and---SING

Already- at -TWO--she--is--so--sweet--sassy---and---sophisticated--TOO
She --knows" ---all --of --her --alphabet, --nursery- rhymes, --and-- the --alphabet, --easily-- from. --a---to----Z' --and-- she --is --so --gifted,--; and --super-- talented----TOO

Bella,--- my ---grand-daughter---,- with ---her--I-Pad
To -use -it -and -learn,- and -play-, she -understands-, and knows,- that -she -has -to,-- be --good, --and --not --BAD

By john d jungers
15th of march 2017

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Bella on HER ipad