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The fish, of the --SEA
In a salt water aquarium, are so bright, colorful, fancy, and--FREE

Even, they are not in their --own--natural-, --ocean--habitat, and--SEA-BED
But ar least they are safe and sound, from predators strife, and have no fear, and --DREAD

With an aquarium, as their home sweet --HOME
Back and forth they swim, and swim, and --ROAM

At least to them, their well-being-and, safety is--KNOWN
And --a --terrible --fate --of --lunch --to --another --predator-- is --never--known, as --they, --are --safe --at --home--ALONE

A --salt --water --aquarium, --is --a --beautiful--, and --lovely--SIGHT
And is so mesmerizing, relaxing, watching the beautiful fishes of the sea, swim back and forth, safe with--DELIGHT

By john d jungers
15th of march 2017

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The FISH, of the SEA