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Go ahead and seek happiness TODAY
Like if you give a child candy today, they will feel so elated, delighted and--HAPPY--in--EVERY--WAY

As --when,--RULES--and--REGULATIONS---of----PROTECTION--for--OUR--WORLD--ENVIRONMENT--are --not --STRICTLY --ENFORCED--and--FIRMLY --put --in --PLACE
We -in -this -whole -wide- wonderful- world, -will ----CONTINUE-- RAPING-- DESTROYING--our -NATURAL-- ENVIRONMENT---, which -for--our ------childrens----- children's----- children, ---and -----following ---GENERATIONS---- is --an ----------EXTREME--,SUPREME------SELFISH---MATERIALISTIC---GREEDY----MISTAKE, ----and--RISK--to--TAKE-- and --TERRIBLE--, TERRIBLE------------, POLITICAL--REPUBLICAN----------DISGRACE

By john d jungers
16th of narch 2017

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Go ahead and seek happiness today