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Steady as she --GOES
Nice and easy, let your---POSITIVITY--, continue-- to --FLOURISH--BLOSSUM-- BLOOM--and---GROW-- with--BRILLIANT--BEAUTIFUL--LOVING--FAITHFUL--GLOW

Take it nice and --SLOW
Easy as she --GOES

For-- a --journey-- of --a --hundred --miles --or --MORE
Its--a --challenge --and --a --great --physical--emotional--and--mental--feat --for --SURE

But with one step at a --TIME
In --perfect --confident-- positive-- motivation,-- momentum--rhythm, --reason, --commitment, --resolve --and --Easy--RHYME

It----MATTERS--NOT---- how --fast-- and-- quick-- that --you --finish--the--race--and----SUCCEED
What----MATTERS--MOST-----, is -how ---HUMBLY--, KINDLY--, RESPECTFULLY--", and --COMPASSIONATELY--,you,- in -your --LIFE--LIVING--and --LOVE--how--with--your--LOVING--HEART----YOU----LEAD

Slow steady, and --SURE
Will-- WIN-- the --RACE--and --you --will --SUCCEED--, LEAD---PROLONG--, PROSPER--, and---JOYOUSLY--HEALTHILY--HAPPILY--ENDURE

Slow, steady and --SURE
In time --GREATNESS--, will --NATURALLY--HAPPEN--and-- OCCUR

A turtle of one hundred years or--MORE
Took its time, to swim around the world, around and around, safe and sound for--SURE

Slow but --SURE
In --your--, LIFE --LIVING --and -- LOVE-- , your- SUCCESS,-- with --your --mission, --quest, --and,-- goals--- WILL --PREVAIL --SUCCEED--and ---ENDURE

By john d jungers
16th of march 2017

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Steady as she goes