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Patiently, im a waitin, on her--ARRIVAL
And to keep, pace with her, will, be and is my--SURVIVAL

As last early evening, i layed down, on the patio, and nursery rhymes together we would-sing
Looking up into the fading blue sky, turning to gray, going from, day to --NIGHT
As she was saying, come on, Grand pa, lets play, then she heard me say,-------- grand -pa, needs to lay, down, on the patio, -----and --is --waiting-- for --the --pretty----stars-- to --come --out -shining --so--beautiful--, and --BRIGHT

Then she said, okay grand pa, i will lay right here on your Arm, and --i --felt --just --right--great--with--such--of--a--LOVING-- DELIGHT
With- this -little -girl,- laying- on -my -arm, -as -we -were ---sillily--goofing--around--and--playing--and-- singing, --just --a --PATIENTLY-WAITIN-- for --the --beautiful ----STAR -LIGHT

So this early morn, im --PATIENTLY--AWAITING--, on --her --ARRIVAL
Its-not- gonna-be- slow -or -easy-, but -its-- FAST --and --FABULOUS--FURIOUS--loud--not--hush-,on --the --run--jump--rock--and--roll--with--fun--happiness--excitment--and--glow--up --and --down, --around --and --around--, up --and --over, --through --in --and --out,--all--about-- and-- im --now--RESTIN--WAITIN--, and --again --will --TRY--my--BEST--to --KEEP-- Up--with --HER--BELLA-ANNE--then--and --it--will --be --my --MISSION--QUEST--and--GOAL--and--CHAlLENGE----and-----SURVIVAL

By john d jungers
16 th of march 2017

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Patiently, im a waitin on her ARRIVAL