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Dealing with SAD news
Can bring, a person, down, in the dumps, and depressed, and in the blues

Sad news can knock you down
Can make you hurt, weak, and fail, and cause a deep, sad, frown

Sad news can do you in
Sad news can cause you to never win

Sad news can, beat you down
Sad news can cause you to fail bound

Bad news can, strengthen your commitment, drive, and ,iron ,will
Bad news can , strengthen you, make you brighter, and better and greater ,if you positively let it at your will--still

Bad news, sad news, you can turn it, all positively, around
With renewed vigor, strength, stamina, and endurance,--now--found

Bad news, sad news, when it cones,, just let it go
Hold onto your positive momentum, and positive motivation, and winning, beautiful, motivating glow

By john d jungers
17th of march 2017

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Dealing with SAD news