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I-- think, --that,-- WE, --just-- do --not,-- ever --really-- KNOW
When -some -HOW, -when -some -WAY,- that -SPECIAL, -person, -WILL--come -to -MEET-, and -GREET-, US, -and -a -TRUE- bond -of -friendship, -and -TRUE--LOVE--will--BLESSEDELY--GROW

When, -one -minute-one--hour,- one, -day,- one -week, -one -year-, TO-- MEET-- and --GREET--, that -SOMEONE-, very- SPECIAL-, that -will -LOVE-, just---YOU---and----ME

I --think --that --WE--just --do --not --ever --really--really---KNOW
How, --one --day, --some-- way, --some-- how--, WE--will --be ---ABUNDANTLY--BLESSED, --so --WONDERFULLY,-- BEAUTIFULLY---and--BRIGHTLY---with--a--true--LOVE--that--BLOOMS--BLOSSUMS--and---so--LOVINGLY---GROWS--and--GROWS

I -dont- know, -WHEN--,HOW--WHERE-- WHY-- or --WHAT--or--JUST--EXACTLY----WHO
But- what -i -do -know,- and -what -i -do --BELIEVE, --is -that- for --US--each-, ONE -and -ALL, -that- their- is -a -very -very-very--SPECIAL--PERSON--, just -for-US---so --LOVING, --and --TRUE--too--just--for--ME--and--YOU

So -as --WE--all --know --very --very--very--well, --and --UNDERSTAND
To ---PRAY, ---and--- stay---true--- to ---thine ---OWNSELF---, and--- put---ALL---OF---- your ---LOVE,--- TRUST, ---and ---FAITH, ---in ---the ---LORD, ---in ---his ---ALMIGHTY----LOVING---HANDS, ---for---as---WE--- know, ---HE---has ---a ---WONDERFUL---BEAUTIFUL---LOVING----PLAN----for----EACH-----and----for----every----WOMAN----CHILD----and------MAN

All -that --WE--can --DO,-- right --HERE, --and --RIGHT--NOW--is--to--FAITHFULLY--LOVINGLY---PRAYPRAYPRAYPRAYPRAYPRAYPRAY------and-----PRAY
And ---from ---his ---LOVING,--- side ----never-----------STRAYSTRAYSTRAYSTRAYSTRAYSTRAY---------and--to--let--GO---and--let--GOD-----------HEAVENLY----LOVINGLY----BLESSEDLY-----GUIDE-----THY----WAY

By john d JUNGERS
17th of vMARCH 2017

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I think that WE just do not ever KNOW