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A --person, --their-- HEART, --feelings-- they --will --CONCEAL--, and--HIDE
When -they -feel, -that- with -others- they,- cant---fully--CONFIDE

But --we --learn --to---FAITHFULLY---PRAY
As -with- GOD, -our -father, -he -knows-, fully, -everything, -in- every- way- that -we - think, - feel,- and--SAY

We --cant --fully --expect --any --other --to --really ---fully---UNDERSTAND
About,-- our, --commitment, --to --our --MISSION--QUEST--GOALS, --and--PLAN

We --just --can --continue, -- to --thrive,-- and --strive,-- and,---- --KEEP,-- on --a --kEEPING --on,-- DOING, --our --VERY--VERY--BEST
In --our --life, --living, --and, --love, --as--every--challenge-- is --a --TEST

We -all, -are -challenged-, to -reach -for -the -stars,- and -DREAM,- to -be,--ALL --that--we --can --BE
To ---live ---our ---life, ---happy ---beautifully---and ---FREE

Learn --to --PRAY
Bring -all -of -your -thoughts, -dreams, -challenges- and -concerns, -to -God, -our --FATHER--, each -and -every -day, -in -every--WAY

By john d jungers
17th of march 2017

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A person, their feelings they will hide