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Listen, very carefully, how people speak about --another
Just how, and what, they speak and say, about the --other

Are they very condescending, and hyper-critical, with rude, negative, gossip, and --talk
Flying high above all others, like a --hawk

Or are they complimentary, positive and --respectful--and--nice
And --never --mention --or--gossip--anothers-- weak --points , --or -- a --bad --vice

You --can --tell --alot-- about-- another
By how they speak, negative or positive about any other

Let the words that you chose to say
Be --positive,-- and --complimentary --to --another --everyday

Its easy to point your finger at any other, and find the bad and negative facts
But be wise be careful, because nobody is perfect, so you better first, cover your own tracks

Think --about--just--exactly---what -you, -say,-- and --how --you --speak
Because ---your-- simple --words-- can-- make --another --feel --greater --than --great, --or --devastated ---down--and --weak

By john d JUNGERS
17th of march 2017

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Listen to a person, how they speak about others