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The CALORIES, that you CONSUME, and the CALORIES, that you USE
Will determine, in a twenty four hour day, if you GAIN, a pound, or--LOSE

At the end, of the day, you have to know, just exactly-- where your CALORIE, intake is just exactly--AT
You have to have, a perfect day, of CALORIC, input, and CALORIES, used in a day,to drop, and burn--a--pound--of--FAT

The average body, will naturally burn, two-thousand--CALORIES--PER--DAY
So to drop, at, least half of a pound, you need to consume, about fifteen--hundred CALORIES, at least, i would--SAY

The --more,--- movement--- and ---exercise ---that ---you--GET
Its a double edged sword, because naturally, more--CALORIES--your--body--will--burn--but--also--need--and----crave--and--your--APPETITE--will--be--ROARING--so--too--much--exercise--just--may--be--your--REGRET

Ita a very fine, and delicate perfect line to --WALK--and--in--a--day--to--drop--a--POUND
Mostly its an on going, battle and fight, and a person, has to do everything perfectly right, for any weight loss,-- PROGRESS--to--be--FOUND

Those ---who--- do ---not ---face ---this ---challenge,--- they --are --the --lucky --ONES /> Because --fighting --to --even --lose --a --pound --or --ten--, or --hundreds --its---a ---challenge, --and --exhausting,--- and --not --so ---much---FUN

As ---we ---all ---know, ---to --- have---lasting---SUCCESS--we----need----to---set ---short ---realistic, ---and ----attainable----doable--- --GOALS
And-- just --take --it --easy--and--slow, -and--stay---consistent--with --the --ups --and --downs, --and, --if -their -is -a ---SET-BACK-- --which -their --WILL-BE--A--MANY--stay--PATIENT--PERSISTANT--and--PRESERVERS--and--, --just bounce back,-- with a POSITIVE--ROLL

By john d jungers
17th of MARCH 2017


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The CALORIES that you CONSUME, and the CALORIES that you use