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The fight, and battle, to lose, one single-- POUND
Is hard, difficult, and one of the most challenging things to do, for so many folks in this world i have --FOUND

So many foods now altered with chemicals, salt, and sugar,--, and artificial flavorings for--Good--TASTE
Are leaving folks with over weight, and unhealthy and out of shape, in many a--PLACE

The fast food--EPIDEMIC
The food is so salty, so sugary, so tasty, its so unhealthy, and making people very --SICK

The soft drink--INDUSTRY
Has now, dozens and dozens, of different sodas and flavors, to chose from, for-- you --and--ME

Sugar, sugar, and more and more sugar in--EVERYTHING
An epidemic, of childhood, diabetes and--overweight--to--our--children--it--BRINGS

Fast food, its so cheap, affordable, and available at every four corners of almost every city --STREET
Fast food is very tasty, enjoyable and a great treat, --but folks eat it over and over, because its so affordable, and available and is becoming our-- GREATEST--unhealthy--TREAT--with--DEFEAT

Pizza, pizza, pizza--,PIE
More and more cheese and cheese, and cheese, with cholesteral, and -fat---will --affect--your--blood--sugar--and--blood--pressure, making it unhealthily--and--super--unhealthy--deadly--dangerously---HIGH

In --my --lifetime,-- fast --food --and--junk--foods--i --have, --had --a--MANY
And --also, --medications --for --high --cholesterol--, high-- blood --sugar--,and-- high --blood --pressure --i --have --had--a --MANY--and, --am --happy --and --proud --to --say --today,-- im --not --taking --medications --ever --again,-- of--ANY

The-- older-- that --we--GET
Its so true, as they say, we are what we eat, and the older that we-- get, it will determine,our, health fitness longevity, or doom, and--DEFEAT

Every --city --every --TOWN
Every corner has,so many fast food restaurants so easily--FOUND

FAST-- foods --are--so --easily --assesible-- and --cheap,-- and --so --easy --to --OBTAIN
Causing --so --so--many-- to --become --unhealthy--, and --excess --weight,--out--of--shape--and-- out --of --control--over--weight----GAIN

Eatting more healthy together in our-- HOME
Is the healthy example to our children, and grand children, that has to be instilled in them, and--Healthily--SHOWN

The --fight --to --lose --but --one --single --POUND
Is --very --very--difficult, --challenging--, and, --a --fight --to --eat --healthy --and --right--,for --so --many --i --have--FOUND

By john d jungers
18th of march 2017

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The battle of the bulge