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I love you, softly, in her ear i will--SAY
I want this little girl, to know, that her grand-pa, LOVES, her, so much in--EVERY--WAY

She will look at me, straight in the --EYES--and--tenderly--hold--my--FACE
And she will say, to me, grand-pa, i love you so much, and to the--- moon and back, --and-this- little -grand-daughter- of-mine,- leaves- me -in -a --BEAUTIFUL--, LOVING--BRIGHT----DELIGHTFUL----PLACE

To --feel-- so --LOVED, --APPRECIAtED---and----RESPECTED----is----such---of---a----BLESSING----for----ANYONE
Im -writing- this- for- little-----BELLA-----as,- now -she -is -leaning -against- me, --laughing-- giggling--, and --wiggling--, and --watching --and-- enjoying-- the --DISNEY-- SHOW-- mouse --catoodles--, and --havin --FUN

These --times --of --my ---LIFE----LIVING--and --LOVE---are --the ----BEST-- TIMES---- i --have --ever-- -KNOWN----and-----HAD And---this---- LITTLE--GIRL--, makes--ME--FEEL--not--like-- an --old---- --GrAND--PA--------but-- a --young----LAD
By john d jungers
18th of march 2017

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