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With a toddler, everyday, is --DIFFERENT--and at nap-time, a--ChALLENGE--AGAIN
As for the--PAST-HOUR--, with --LITTLE- BELLA, --to take a--NAP--were trying and trying, again, as now, she is closing her eyes and asleep, and --PRETEND

She --is --SAYING-- now --from --HER--ROOM
I --LOVE--YOU--SO--MUCH---GRAND-PA-----and --I---hope --she --will --be --down --and --out, --and --NAPPING--very---SOON

She --is ----FIGHTING--to --STAY--AWAKE,--- and --her --SILLY--, SWEET--, NOISES-- SHE--continues --to --MAKE
And -now,- she -is -out -here -on -the -couch -with -me ---WHISPERING---and --im ---LAUGHING---as --this --little --rambunctious --girl, --just --doesn't -WANT--to --TAKE--a --BREAK

She- is -so ----SILLY--SASSY--SOPHISTICATED------and--just-----FUNNY-----as --now --she --is --saying --to ---GRAND-PA----what --are --you --doing,----are--you--writing--a--POEM--- i --want --to --see--IT
To -go -to -sleep -and -to -take -a --NAP---this -little -toddler -now -is --DELAYING--IT--and----SINGING--- her- alphabet- and -she -thinks -its ---FUNNY--- and --is --just---too --LEGIT-- to----QUIT

So ---SHE ---IS---GONNA---GET---ME----IN----DEEP---DEEP------TROUBLE----with--MOMMY---AGAIN As --she --is --up --on --my --shoulders-- as-- im -----LAUGHING -----and --she --wants --to -PLAY --and --GOOF --around-- with --me --more, ---THEN
Her ---MOMMY--is--GOING---to---SCOLD----ME----and-- -SHE---WILL----SAY /> Dad --you --have --to --be -------VERY--STERN--and--STRICT-------- with --BELLA, ------in --every --way, ---she -needs- -her--REST---and---a --GOOD----NAP---EVERY--DAY

Now -she -is -putting -her- fingers- over -my -eyes, -she -wants -me -to -look- at -her -close, -and -give -her -all -of -my --ATTENTION I ---better ---stop ---writing ---and --BE--STRICT--and -STERN--with--HER---to---get--- her--- to ----take ---a --nap---THEN With my own kids of seven, they would already be down napping and--OUT I would not even stand for them to --pause, -play, -and -delay -taking -a -NAP,- or -fuss -cry, -or----POUT But --with-------TWENTY---YEARS--AS---A--MARINE-----and------another------TWENTY----YEARS----in-----NURSING-------im--DONE-- WORKING--RETIRED--and --have --no --more--pressure-- at --ALL--ANYMORE So --I'm-- just ---------LOVING--- and ---TOTALLY---ENJOYING-------- every-- single --moment--breath--and--minute --, with --this --little --PRECIOUS--TODDLER-------BELLA-ANNE-for----SURE
She -just -said, -i -need -to -go -to ---SLEEP--NOW--THEN But-- a --minute --latter-- here --she --is --back --on --my --shoulders---AGAIN>
A --toddler --they --are --just---so--SILLY--and----FUNNY
And --no --matter --what --its --just --so--hard --for --them --to --take --a--NAP--, and --go --to --sleep-- when --in --the --middle--of--the---day --its --still-- BRIGHT-- and ---SUNNY
By john d jungers
18th of march 2017

She- now, -is -HOLDING-and -HUGGING- her -beach- ball,- and -saying-----GRAND-PA---i --love --my --beach--ball--- SO--MUCh Everything ---that ---a ---toddler ---says ---and ---does, ---is ---so ---cute ---adorable---sweet---and--- innocent--- as----SUCH Finally---finally--she--is--knocked---OUT--and--DOWN--for-----the--COUNT--and---NAPPING And me, i keep, watching her on the baby monitor, and checking on her, with her door cracked, and it wont be long, and it will be round two, and we will play, and play, dance, giggle, wiggle, and make up our own fun songs--and--SING

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With nap-time, every day, is different, and a --CHALLENGE--AGAIN