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Tomorrow--, morning,-- EARLY--WE--will --be--DISNEYLAND--BOUND
At, the California, Adventure, park, on Sunday, and then DISNEYLAND, park, on Monday, we will be--FOUND

I will be with my little Grand--Daughter, and its cool, watching, the EXCITEMENT--in--HER--EYES
She, has been going to Disneyland, since she has been--seven months old, and my daughter lost count how many times, they have been, i have been twice with them, and every time, for Bella its so exciting and a--NEW--BIG--SURPRISE

Its --a --small--world, --ride --she --LOVES--LOVES--LOVES--the--very--very--very--BEST--of--the--BEST
So now, i better sleep, early--and--get--my--REST

So,-- it --will --be --an --EXCITING, --time, --and --FUN

Is such, of a beautiful, experience, that--FOREVER--in--your--HEART--WILL--be--such--of--a--HAPPY--EXCITING--MEMORY--FOR--SURE

Especially, --through --the --EXCITING--EYES--, of ---a --little--CHILD

By john d JUNGERS
18th-- of --MARCH--2017

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Tommorrow, we will be DISNEY--LAND--BOUND,