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Whether by death or the hoped for... failed.
The loss of what once was, can take the wind
out of our sails. To find Love that is shared
by two can seem quite rare. 

I'm not sure how I feel about Love? I know the 
love that abides within me emanates and over spills.
It's the kind that wants to play, laugh and share,
Allowing it to stir gives me chills. 
The word love has many definitions and meanings for
different people. It is confusing when spoken and the 
deed do not match. when insecurity and lack of
self-worth are attached.

The wasted time attempting to explain to ears that
refuse to hear, even when the point of no return is near.
twisting words fueled by deception, planting the seeds
without loves intention.
They come and go, yet each leave a painful mark
beginning in childhood and life as an adult
interesting enough I wasn't aware how much I had 
disassociated, abandoned and left in the dark

It became apparent if anything was to heal I would 
have to allow my rejected feelings to reappear
the more I found acceptance for them, my reality
took on different forms and felt my joy was oh so near. 
It was though I had awoken from a long sleep 
I had many emotions that ran very deep.
the ones I hated and never gave free speech
It was my judgments against them I never released.

 It occurred to me Life is a process not a signal event
 making mistakes and learning would be time well spent.
Understanding by releasing the denial and judgments 
held would also dispel the guilt each sent.  

In doing the releasing consciously I found there was
more to my life then I had thought existed before.
No punishment or blame, just in that things changed
with a new sense of identity my life rearranged

Has anyone wondered about Heaven on Earth or
how it  materialize?   We have been told by
Man, be it written or said  from those who have
been long since dead . kind of  he said he said.

The answer may be difficult to comprehend
it hasn't't been given approval by the religions
of Man nor in the many  interpretations 
they quoted across the lands..                                    

If in fact Free Will is true... Heaven
on Earth can never be forced, It is in the act
of sacred choice. And begins when the emotional
Body of God is given a voice.

The answer is when one realizes Heaven on Earth
must first be actualized within, when one opens to being 
their own healer and a host. When our closets are 
no longer filled with inner haunting ghost's.

In union and the two aspects of God balanced in ones heart , with
each present moment Heaven on Earth embarks



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Heaven on Earth



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