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Disney-Land--, continues-- to --STAY-- forefront--, in --my--HEART--and--MIND
While, im, thinking, about my recent visit, adventure, and, wonderful experience, of--EVERY--KIND

Its such of a great, great--WONDERFUL--DELIGHT
To see a child, brighten up, with such innocent, sweet, wonderful--DELIGHT--when, in person, , tney , have the DISNEY--Characters--right, in front of them, in their--SITE

The ---HAPPINESS----is----so----so---REAL
How, --exciting--, and-- wonderful,-- DISNEYLAND, --especially--, makes-- a --CHILD----so---WONDERFULLY----FEEL

I --think, --the --trick --for --us ---ALL,--- and --the --SECRET, --to --life, --long, --HAPPINESS
Is -the -keep,- our -childhood, -excitement-, and -innocence, -deep, -in -our- heart, -mind, -body,- , and -soul, --at--its-----very---BEST

Walt ----DIsney,--- he----KNEW
That-- HAPPINESS, --in--a--person, --and --the --importance --of ---DREAMING--- and --in --your---OWNSELF---, BELIEVING---, that ---YOU, ---can ---BE---SOMETHING---, and ---ACHIEVING----is --never------THROUGH-------when -you --BELIEVE---in---YOU

By john d jungers
21st of MARCH 2017

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