lost and then found

The right thing is the truth

Basically your telling me your going to kill me.
And I don't car as long as I'm not offending God.
And his son that came to save me.
For all my love may go to only one no one knows.
Heavenly Father rest my shoulders down some where away from here.
And may the ones who follow continue.
And my mind be freed so I am not hurting my self or any other.
Jesus please help and thank you for the struggle.
And may I have a couple little ones so its not so hard to live as I struggle.
Thank you heavenly Father and may some be sent from other worlds so we can have children.
I don't know what this is about but you should not mess with priest and Jesus religion.
Subtle strokes of honor and belief in the God of heaven trans end.
But even I know if I live forever.
That time will always end.
And believe me I know its not going to get any easier.
But it is time to retire and fall in love wherever you send me and my children cant come here.
They know he is terrible and blind.
Thanks for the memories and take the little ones home.
Even if I'm lonely the right thing to do is the truth.

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The right thing is the truth

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