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I --don't-- EVER--, EVER--, want --to, --EVER--EVER--, say --to --MySELF--EVER--EVER--AGAIN
That- i -am, -just -not -GOOD, -ENOUGH,- for -ANY-other --WOMAN----THEN

Because-- i --KNOW,-- that --i --am, --GOOD,--- ENOUGH
I --know,-- that --i --have --QUALITIES--of--commitment--, resolve,-- strength, --stamina, --and --endurance,--and-- I'm-- not --weak--im----an-----EX--MARINE---dedicated, --devouted, --determined----and----TOUGH

For a woman, a man, thinks no matter, what,-- no --matter --where-- or--WHEN
That a woman, can find any and many a man of their choice--THEN

But i will say just for--ME
To myself, i feel, imprisoned, you--SEE

Am i ever gonna--MEET
Another who sees me as being good enough, special, and--ELITE

So their may be many other men, out --THEIR
Who stand taller, richer, stronger, wiser, and better that me, in so many a ways,--than--simple--me--in--COMPARE

But-- to --impress --WOMAN--of--the--MANY
I --have --goals --and --plans --not --of--ANY

I -know -i -just -never- will,--ever--ever-- DATE
I -know,- i -will -patiently,-- wait --and--wait--with--fairh--hope--and--fate--FOR--that --special--ONE--to--MAKE--me--FEEL--GOOD---enough--in--each--and--every--way--and--GREATER--than--GREAT

So --to --wait, --on --another, --moon,-- and --rising-- SUN

Im --just --gonna --wait, --and,-- wait,--as--so--many--good--folks--FAITHFULLY--HOPEFULLY--PRAYERFULLY--LOVINGLY--PATIENTLY--DO--- for ---that ---SPECIAL--ONE---who --will,--- LOVE--HONOR--and--RESPECT-- ME-- second --to --NONE

By john d jungers
27 th of march 2017

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I DONT ever want to SAY to MYSELF ever AGAIN