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Its BEST to LISTEN, be quiet, and keep--silent
Because, if you talk, and talk and vent to another, it may be too much and then you will feel, hurt and-- RESENT

Its BETTER to listen more
Then, your well being, you can assure

Because when you, talk and speak
When another is not hearing you, or listening, it makes you feel troubled, disturbed, and weak

So to listen a whole lot MORE
Will-- BETTER-- give-- you --peace,--love--serenity--, and --happiness-- for --sure

For ---ME---as--i--just --would --rather ---WRITE
Just -exactly -and -a -matter -of -factly-, just -what -i -feel, -here -on -my -poetry -poem---SITE

Be SILENT be quiet, and listen more
Your --peace --love--and --serenity,-- with--happiness, --you --shall --ensure

SILENCE--- is ---beautiful---and----GOLDEN So --listen --more, --talk --and --speak --less----THEN

Many times, with too many words spoken and said
Sometimes others what you are saying, your words can become, misunderstood, misconstrued, and mislead, causing you stress--disappointment--and--DREAD

Its BEST to listen more, keep quiet, so not to cause trouble confusion, or riot, --and --keep--SILENT
Then your BEST protected, from being hurtfully rejected, and there will be no question, just what you said or--MEANT--and ---------BESTLY-------YOU--WILL--FEEL---LESS----RESENT

By John d jungers
28 th of march 2017

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Its BEST to LISTEN, be QUIET, and stay SILENT