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The April,--SHOWERS
Will, bring the beautiful,--MAY--FLOWERS

The winter season, is coming to an --END
And everything will--come to , life, as soon, the early spring, in APRIL--will--beautifully, most welcomely--BEGIN

The --showers --and --windy,-- stormy --weather,--of--APRIL
In, --the --Lovely --sunshine --of --MAY,-- the --SPRING--air --will --be --so --fresh,-- with --warm --sunshine--so--, bright --and --STILL

The beginning of APRIL
Is the END, of a long and hard cold winter, as, we all had our winter--FILL

April,-- soon --will --COME
And --the --winter,--is--officially --over--, gone --and --DONE

But --even --to --say,--that--for--sure--the --winter --is --completely--done--and---OVER
Being --from,-- the --midwest--, it --has, --been-- many --a --severe--winter--storm--and---Blizzard --even --in --MAY,-- so --to --bet --on --WINTER-- being, --over,-- one-- can --just --never--KNOW--and --SAY--for--SURE

April --showers-- will --come-- and --soon --be --GONE
And -it -will -be --Spring-time, --with -beautiful- -flowers,- --butterflies, --and --its --so --delightful, --to --hear, --the --birds --singing, --chirping,-- and ---HAPPY--ALONG

The-- forests-- come --to --life,--living--and--love--with--Beautiful-- blossum,-- and --BLOOM
After --the --April --flowers --the --tulips --will --be --FIRST--, to --blossom,grow--and--bloom, --now --in --the--month--of--MAY,--very-- very---SOON

By john d jungers
31st of March 2017

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April showers will BRING the BEAUTIFUL MAY Flowers