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I cant say, that i miss traveling, on the greyhound---BUS
As here i am, , again too early, and waitin, cause i dont want to be --RUSHED

So my bus will --DEPART
In about an hour or so, and this nine hour long journey to San Diego, from Vegas again will--START

So at least another hour or--MORE
Before this, journey begins, towards the California --SEA-SHORE

So it has been a short visit --with--family--of --five --DAYS
As again, im a travelin, and on my --WAYS

I had a good visit, here with family --AGAIN
And I will, return, before too long --THEN

Im not so --EXCITED
To be riding the bus again, and --DELIGHTED

So --ill --just---hope --that-- i --can --just --get--some--rest,--and --pass --the --time --QUICK--and-- -FAST
And -i -will -be -in --California --in -APRIL, -as -soon -in -a -few -hours --March,-- will, --come --to----PASS

By john d jungers
31st of march 2017

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I cant say that i MISS --traveling--on--the--Greyhound--BUS