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My grand-daughter, Kaylee, says Grand-Pa, can we go to Chuckie--Cheese
Just--- you,---and ----ME's---PLEASE--PLEASE

Because the older girls have already, gotten too --COOL--to--hang--out--at----Chuckie--Cheese
So its just, Their youngest--sister--Kaylee--and--ME's

So we have our--FUN
And --im,-- just --watching, --Kaylee,-- going --from, --Chuckie---Cheese --game --to --game,-- so --HAPPY--and--EXCITED --and --on--the--RUN

Then -at -the -end,- of -the -hour, --USUALLY
When -our- money- is -gone, -we -gather -up-all -of-the- Chuckie-Cheese -tickets,- and -find -out -what ---PRIZES----WE-- can --get --for----FREE

Tonight-,we- bought -a ------BIG--CHUCKY---Cheese----, bouncing --BALL, --for---little----KAYLEE
And -she -was -just -as -excited,- and -delighted- as -can----BE

So -before -we -went- into-their- house -when- we -got- to -their--HOME
We --talked --about --making --up--the-- story --that --she --WON--the-- greatest-- JACK-POT--, and- won -this -big ---Chucky--Cheese---, ball, --all --on --her ----OWN

So-- for --awhile, --we --were --sticking,-- to --the --STORY
But --some --folks --were-- questioning--- HER--and --ME

Because-- the --two--older-- sisters--, they-- think--that----CHUCKIES-- its --a --WASTE--of--MONEY-- and---TIME
And --the --prizes---are--so--small,-- and-- are --not--even-- WORTH--a----DIME

But -the -older -girls -they -were-shocked-, when -they- saw -the -big --Chuckie- Cheese, --bouncie- ball --that-- she--WON
So --of --course --we --told --them--all--the--truth--, but-- still,------WE--OPENED--EVERYONES-EYES---- --and--- had-- some --FUN

Where--- KIDS---can ---BE---a ---KID----and ---FUN--- is ---FOREVER----FREE

By john d jungers

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